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CICL Global Law Fellows

Laura Clarke, Global Research Fellow, Spring 2012

Laura Clarke is a recent graduate of the University of St. Andrews, obtaining a first class MA International Relations in June 2011.  At St. Andrews she was recipient of the Professor Paul Wilkinson Award, having graduated at the top of her class. Upon completion of her Global Fellowship at St. John’s Law in June 2012, Laura will return to the UK to complete an MSc Human Rights at the London School of Economics.  

Laura’s interest in international human rights has been the result of both academic study and extracurricular activity. She has spent time as a research intern with the international organizations Transparency International and Equality Now, gaining an understanding of the demands of researching within an NGO context. Her research at St. John’s draws on an interest that she developed through her work with Invisible Children and the UK-based Resolution: Possible, which focused on the Lord’s Resistance Army and possibilities for transitional justice in Uganda.  As a Global Fellow, Laura is researching the International Criminal Court’s complementarity regime, examining whether international prosecutions must take precedence over local alternative justice mechanisms in the pursuit of both peace and justice.

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