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Research and Publications

In support of its mission, the Center oversees publication of two student-edited journals.The St. John's Journal of International and Comparative Law (JICL) is an online journal featuring essays and articles from leading scholars as well as from students. It was founded in 2010 by St. John’s law students and the faculty leadership of the CICL. The first issue of the JICL was published in the 2010-2011 academic year, comprised of essays and articles drawn from the JICL’s inaugural symposium on immigration and national security.

The New York International Law Review (NYILR) is a publication of the International Section of the New York State Bar Association and is edited by JICL's staff. Each year, the student editorial board and the editorial board of the Bar Association prepare two issues of the publication presenting a variety of articles written by professors and practitioners. Focusing on current issues of international concern, NYILR offers readers an assortment of articles on topics such as intellectual property, immigration, trade, and international human rights.

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